Dear Michael Jackson

by simplysteffy

Dear Michael,

I’m your far-off fan. I’ve watched and observed you from afar. I admired your exceptional talent like everyone else, but what captivated me was your gentle and sensitive heart. I came to know you more from watching your interviews and listening to some of your music. I saw through you and could not take for granted what I found.

You said you hoped to be remembered more as a person than as a personality. I think they do now. Since your passing, more people have come to love and appreciate you. I hope you could see that from heaven.

I hope you could have been my friend or brother so I could have been there for affirmation when the world misjudged you. I have come to understand your quest to find the wonder and magic of childhood. People took it the wrong way Michael, but you never changed because you remained true to yourself. You were resilient and strong but not in the traditional, popular sense Michael. In this sense, we are quite the same. They didn’t see that strength; they simply thought you were strange and weak enough to be trampled on because you never fought back.

Two weeks after your passing I am still strangely in tears, my heart heavy as if I have lost a close, personal friend. I was never your die-hard fan; but your sensitivity and kindness left me humbled in a very deep way. You inspire me to remain a true human being regardless of success or betrayal. You showed me that I shine best in my truest colors. I could go on and on because there was just so much to learn from you… You saw the world from a magical, artistic, childlike point of view but the world thought they had the right to judge you. Why couldn’t they just get it?

I’m feeling so sorry that you had put up with that. Forced to the spotlight and evaluated by those of us who take for granted the simple, basic pleasures of life that you could only wish for. But now, you’re in a place where you rightfully belong. I like to think you and Jesus are dancing and rejoicing and that your joy is endless up there.

People might think I’m strange for saying these things; I was never vocal about my great admiration for you because they wouldn’t understand…but what the heck. I love you.