by simplysteffy


I’m lovin my daily dose of eye candies.

I came across some photos that simply struck me and sent my mind spinning with crazy random thoughts…

I’m trying to hold my enthusiasm low, lest I leave people with question marks in their heads. We all have unique perspectives so that’s a given.

Now, back to the photos!


Don’t you just love the lovely, nostalgic colors in this room? Can you easily appreciate the mismatched pieces, the old and new whatnots, the mixture of a myriad of styles that make a delightful , poetic picture altogether?

I can’t help but appreciate its simplicity that has been made whimsy with the addition of unexpected items. The installation of a vintage chandelier is a personal touch that adds so much charm, like a nice piece of jewelry that bedazzles a simple lovely lady.


The look where elements in a space stick to a certain predefined style has gotten pretty tiring…

These days, it’s no longer about the brand, the trend, what’s in or not. Forget fad and think about personal expression. Dance loose and create beauty with the practical, sensible, and even the imperfect while keeping harmony as an anchor.

(Designer: Andew Flesher)