My Philippines..

by simplysteffy

The Philippines is unlike any other. Parted by waterways, the large and small islands grace the Pacific, with each island having a face and a story of its own. This random geographical arrangement invites unique scenarios. The author cannot begin to describe them, as she is overwhelmed. They are as vast as the horizon, as deep as the ocean.

The author feels embarrassed by the Philippine situation. It is her honest feelings; however, she likewise believes that it is these very unpleasant, wearisome things that will start to stir spirits, and cause awakening and bring about enlightenment, with Filipino resilience shining ever so brightly; so, she has faith, that out of all this foolishness and joke, events will unfold, one after another, slowly yet surely, that will lead to change. Hope can be found here and there, along this winding road where we are hiking…a road where we find joy, peace, confusion, conflict… In any case, we are hungry to reach our fullest potentials, to see our loveliest truest colors shine for our children and the world to see.

The author is a student of architecture who wishes to find meaning and purpose. Her heart breaks for her nation. She tries to understand things from different angles, but her chosen path puts her in a special spot where she can take the perspective of an architect or an urban planner. She hopes that such a privilege shall lead her to one of life’s meaning and purpose. Big or small, as long as there is meaning and purpose.

To mention slums as one of the major challenges of urbanization in this country is like an overused, tiring cliché. It is simply sad, that the very brothers who took it upon themselves to enjoy “free accommodations” amidst our overcrowded cities, are the same ones whose habits are causing major problems like pollution, disorder, crime, clogged waterways that do not help ease storm waters. Not that the author lacks sympathy for the less fortunate, for she cannot resist a blue-eyed beggar brother.. ; however, she is also a firm believer of discipline, hard work, independence, and dignity.

The transition from Spanish rule to American rule, and later on, the independence given to a people who were yet unsure of their identity and belongingness – when one tries to analyze these things and the consequences that followed, he would come to an understanding of why the Philippines is what it is now. No one is at the right position to judge this nation without first making such an analysis.

The author sees her nation as someone who, as a child, is reluctantly handed to the care of a busy, preoccupied foster parent, and later on to another, and amidst such changes, she also battles with herself for her foundation is weak from the beginning. Finally, freedom comes, tasting so sweet but not for long. She is confronted by her own limitations.

However, she has children…children who have been witnesses to her sad plight. These young ones, growing up inferior to their peers, these children who have dreams, they shall rise. The author would like to be a part of that enlightened generation who would reverse the old-fashioned practices to revitalize a battered nation. It doesn’t matter if we can surpass the success of others, for comparison is unhealthy in this complex and diverse world. What matters more is that everyone is given due care and love, and that each is sure of his identity, and of his belongingness. For anyone with inner battles, that might be a nice, new beginning.