Indescribable, Uncontainable

by simplysteffy

Science gave man the opportunity to have such a complex understanding of the physical order of the world, and yet, no matter how much he tries, at the end of the day. all he can touch is just a tiny fragment of his Creator’s infinite wisdom… Man takes pride in his intelligence and refuses to accept divinity, constantly seeking proof to “validate” such..but how can man believe that a Divine Entity’s existence can ever be contained in any scientific standards set by him?

From the atoms of the humblest microscopic organism on earth to the vast galaxies of space, all things were designed at the right place and in the right order… Scientists agree that a slight misalignment of this universal balance is unthinkable. Just how hard is it for man to see, that just as the earth is a mere speck of dust within a boundless universe, the human mind can only grab so much of his Creator’s infinite, mind-blowing genius..

Chris Tomlin – Indescribable