by simplysteffy

“A person’s reality consists of anything she can perceive and of meanings she has attached to what she perceives… They all exist and can be perceived by the person as part of her world. They might or might not be available to other people.”

lately i have been praying about certain things because i didnt want to let any false guilt to immobilize me because of people’s varying perceptions of right or wrong… while there are explicit rights and wrongs, there are also those that are vague…when i randomly opened my Bible to Romans 14 (verses 13-23) earlier, there I found my answers and boy was i ecstatic… it tells me that our God is aware of each person’s unique reality (and beliefs)… the passages reveal that there are some things that are just between me and God… and that the bottom line is if i have acted in faith and love. (Paul’s example was to eat or not to eat meat, lol…) im happy with these timely revelations which i don’t think i can find elsewhere in the Bible..  i’ve been wondering how the fact that ‘each person’s reality is different’ relates to one’s walk with God..i am humbled with every answered prayer and i am amazed by the mysteries of Him especially when these mysteries begin to unfold.. each day of knowing God only gets more exciting… : )