by simplysteffy

Thomas Fischer sent me a message on Facebook last Tuesday asking if I needed a prayer for healing because he sensed I needed one (I don’t know him personally). 30 minutes before I received his message, I was praying real serious to God about my poor health especially the mental cloud or heaviness that I was experiencing everyday but it was so bad that particular morning…. As I was replying to His message, I was feeling my mind and lungs clearing up hehehehe. I’m enjoying my clear mind like I haven’t in years. : ) I was very happy and thankful to God hehehehe. The Bible says that every believer of Christ can pray for the sick for their healing using the name of Jesus… : ) Matthew 10:8. Acts 3. He is faithful. More faithful than we can care to believe. : )

When I asked him how he was able to sense my need for healing, this was his reply: “I was looking at my new friends and when I clicked on your profile picture, I felt the power of God shot through my right hand. Then when I was looking at your picture, I saw a picture of you and a friend on the beach on a cloudy day and it seemed prophetic. Those clouds have got to go. So clouds go, in Jesus name. Be blessed . Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Super God.